Battery Repacking

Battery Works began business in 1994 as “Power Repackers” specialising in rebuilding rechargeable batteries. Over the years we have built a unique reputation in the battery industry. The company has rebuilt over 150,000 batteries by hand and has expertly moved to handle new technologies as they have been introduced...

Battery Repacking is still a vital part of the Battery Works company, but the focus has changed. The re-packing department now focusses on batteries that are difficult to obtain, or out of factory production.

Over the years many people have commenced a repacking business but have closed down due to technical difficulties or the lack of electronic and battery chemistry knowledge.Our repacking department has an unsurpassed reputation for quality and service that has come from massive experience and knowledge built over nearly twenty years.

You can phone  (07) 3266 6122 or email ([email protected]) our sales team to discuss any queries or obtain a quotation for any battery you may need to have rebuilt. Our data base of thousands of battery models previously repacked, assists us in giving you an on-the-spot and accurate quotation.  In many cases our repacking, with the latest technology cells, will give you an increased capacity (this means, increased power!).

For a re-pack quote:

1. We need to know the make, model and chemistry (NiMh, Li-ion, NiCd etc) of your device..

2. We need you to know we can't convert chemistry...(eg: we can't convert NiCd to NiMh or Li-ion, etc)..

If you decide to go ahead:

1. We need your old battery sent to us..

2. The process takes approximately 2 weeks..(However, if you require a re-pack urgently we can prioritise your item for an additional fee of $20.00)

All of our repacking work carries a twelve month warranty on the new battery cells and workmanship but this warranty does not cover any faults with the old battery components.


The operation of repacking results in the collection of many thousands of old battery cells. As an environmentally conscious company we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.  Old dead batteries are sent for recycling or disposal to government approved and certified waste contractors.

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