Stoltz Quality

The Stoltz brand of batteries is synonymous with international quality standards.

Great care is taken to ensure that the batteries, which are now manufactured in China, use the highest quality components and cells to ensure that they compare equally or surpass the original manufacturer’s brand products.

Originally, Battery Works were only accepting Japanese made products to have the premium Stoltz brand until some Chinese manufacturers began meeting the rigorous quality standards and compared more than favourably on price.

Whilst price was not a major consideration, it was also excellent to supply quality batteries at a more competitive price to our valued customers.

We have never been surer in our ability to offer our clients (and yours) product quality comparable to the world's best in rechargeable batteries with our Stöltz range.

They are handmade in our boutique factory where quality assurance is top of the list, making sure that every battery undergoes rigorous testing to meet the Stöltz high standards.

We now produce one of the most reliable range of batteries available anywhere in the world.

The manufacturers employ highly qualified engineers and technicians who ensure the new cells are tested to true capacity and measure up to the highest international quality standards.

Some more facts...

  • All design and production processes take place under the same roof to ensure the highest quality control. Starting with the computer design of the product as well as the precision tooling undertaken to produce the steel dies for the plastic extrusion presses.
  • Each division is run by highly qualified staff ranging from computer engineers in the design section to young well trained assembly technicians who carefully assemble the various battery components.
  • Cells are individually charged and each cell is cycled, and automatically tested and measured for capacity to meet our rigid standards. Each processing step has its own testing technician double-checking the pack before the battery moves on to the next person.
  • At the end of each battery’s production it undergoes a final test on an actual OEM brand charger to ensure that it charges and works on the correct charger.
  • Each battery is then hand polished and labelled before being carefully packed and shipped to Battery Works.

The Battery Works in-house testing laboratory does continually test check batches for capacity and cycle longevity to ensure that capacity readings are true and accurate.

Of course to back up our quality standards the Stöltz Battery range has a full twelve month guarantee and warranty, from date of purchase from the retailer.

Stöltz batteries are not the cheapest in the Australian market as Battery Works insists that quality comes first, regardless of price.